Hero Destroyer - Tower Battle 5K

Hero Destroyer - Tower Battle 5K


As a Hero Destroyer, you will be responsible for destroying the Villain's Tower by soaking it with water until it collapses. Every lap that a Hero Runner completes, 1-3 Destroyers will be released from the Hero Bull Pen. When it's your turn, you'll grab a 24" water blaster and run as fast as you can to fill it at the water tank, run a small obstacle course and douse the cardboard tower. Aim for the weak spots to help your team destroy the Villains' tower before they destroy yours. Race back to the bull pen, catch your breath, and cheer on your team before you're released again. 

NOTE: You will not be spraying other people... just the Villain Tower.

As a Destroyer, you get -

  • A unique "Team Hero" face paint that tells everyone you are part of the Hero Destroyer team.
  • A 24" water blaster to use for the battle and take home with you. 
  • A super fun time cheering on Hero runners, running laps of a small obstacle course and destroying the villain tower.

This is truly an exciting, family friendly 5K with a team spirit. Please join us for the first annual Tower Battle 5K. Your participation will help hungry families in Utah.

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