Hero Runner - Tower Battle 5K

Hero Runner - Tower Battle 5K


As a Hero Runner, you will run 5 1K laps. Each lap you have the chance to release up to 3 Hero Destroyers. Destroyers use 24" water blasters to soak the weak spots of the villain's cardboard tower to make it collapse. When you are done with all 5 laps, you join in the destruction by throwing sandbags onto the tower to make its weakened structure collapse. When any of the flags atop the tower touch the ground, you can rush the tower and release the 100 balloons at the top. If your balloons are released first... the Hero's win! 

As a Hero Runner, you will receive...

  • a Hero T-shirt
  • a swag bag
  • 1 strip of 6 tickets that can be used on event food, games or events.

If you have a friend or family member that doesn't like to run but would love to be on the Hero team as a Destroyer, recruit them before all the Destroyer tickets are gone.

This is truly an exciting, family friendly 5K with a team spirit. Please join us for the first annual Tower Battle 5K. Your participation will help hungry families in Utah.

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